UM 4000 – 1 RU Mixing Preamp

Fully equipped professional 1 RU mixing preamp, 8 high quality inputs with a wide dynamic range.

Cinch and XLR front plugs

48 V phantom power

Voice controlled aux muting for two microphone inputs

Separate hi/lo sound control for each input

Cascadeable to 16 devices

4 bus design (analogue) with internally switchable input and output.

Upgradable with “DIN alarm-, gong- and text-module UMP 6M”



Technical Data:

Name:UM 4000
Item no.:104204
Signal-to-noise ratio:≧90 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):≦0.1%
Operating voltage:190 V~240 V 50 Hz
Dimensions (in mm; WxDxH):484 x 303 x 44
Weight:1.5 kg


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