WSW 125-6AB EN54

Wall-mounted feature for voice alarm projects with two independent driver (A/B lines) in accordance with EN54-24. The speaker features a high-density MDF enclosure offering 2x 6W output and the high security class of IP54.

NameWSW 125-6AB EN54  
Article no.108194
Single operationDouble operation
Power handling6/3/1.5 W2 x 6/3/1.5 W
Frequency range (-10dB) IEC 268-5227 - 14,600 Hz224 - 14,300 Hz
Frequency response165 - 23,500 Hz162 - 23,500 Hz
Sound pressure level 1W/1m IEC 268-5100.7 dB105.9 dB
Sound pressure level 1W/4m IEC 268-688.7 db93.9 dB
Sound pressure level Pmax/4m IEC 268-796.4 dB101.6 dB
Sensitivity 1W/4m EN54-2477.5 dB80.6 dB
Aperture angle -6dB, 500Hz180° h/v180° h/v
Aperture angle -6dB, 1KHz64° h / 55° v80° h / 77° v
Aperture angle -6dB, 2KHz123° h / 117° v86° h / 62° v
Aperture angle -6dB, 4KHz105° h / 52° v32° h / 26° v
Dimensions254x195x81 mm
Weight2.1 kg
Temperature resistance-20 / +80° C
Fastening rear panelSpring clamps
Connector2-pole ceramic terminal
Protection classIP 54
Maximum cable cross-section8mm²
Maximum cable cross-section loopthrough2 x 2mm²


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