Horn Speakers

  • MHSP 50

    2-way 50 W/100 V music horn with a robust ABS plastic design. Ideally suited to high-quality music transmission with high SPL. Suitable for outdoor use.

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  • HSP 30

    Robust 30 W horn speaker. Ideally suited for outdoor use. Excellent speech intelligibility, UV- and weather resistant ABS plastic, IP66, stainless steel mounting bracket.
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  • HSP 15

    15 W/100 V horn speaker in the same design as HSP 30. Low distortion at high SPL. Modern design.
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  • HSP 10

    Compact 10 W/100 V horn loudpseaker in a modern design and excellent sound quality. Same technical design as HSP 30. Ideally suited for outdoor use. → more

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